P Nation under police investigation due to ‘Summer Swag’ venue worker’s death

P Nation under police investigation due to a 'Summer Swag' venue worker's death....

P Nation Under Investigation For A Worker’s Death, Seoul Office Raided

According to reports, the P Nation office was raided by the Ministry of Employment and Labor on August 25 to investigate the death of an unidentified Mongolian worker in his twenties. The worker fell to his death dismantling the ‘Summer Swag’ set after Psy’s concert in Gangneung City on July 30 KST. It’s said he was not given the necessary safety equipment despite rough weather.

If true, P Nation has violated the Industrial Safety and Health Act, which states outside work will be halted during hars weather conditions. At the time of the worker’s unfortunate death, P Nation stated, “We’ll do our best to establish measures to prevent another accident such as this from occurring with a sense of responsibility.” The Ministry of Employment and Labor then issued a search and seizure warrant against the label on the charges of violating industry safety laws.

P Nation’s office in Seoul | Mnet K-POP/YouTube

This is not the first time Psy’s “Summer Swag” festival has been the subject of serious criticism. Previously, the South Korean public expressed their disapproval for this festival that used large quantities of water to drench the audience while the country faced its worst drought this year. In July, it also came under the scrutiny of Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters after more and more concert go-ers were testing positive for COVID. Even in early August, the city of Yeosu reprimanded the festival for leaving the local stadium ‘severely damanged.’

Psy ‘Summer Swag’ concert in Gangneung | Yonhap News

Source: v.daum.net

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