NMIXX Jinni’s Knees Become a Topic of Concern Among Korean Netizens

During the media showcase for NMIXX's second single album...

During the media showcase for NMIXX‘s second single album, “Entwurf,” fans couldn’t help but notice the condition of Jinni‘s knees. Korean netizens, in particular, couldn’t help but voice out their concern for the rookie idol.

– They must hurt so much! Make sure to apply the ointment ㅠㅠ

– Aren’t you supposed to wear a knee protector?

– They said that if there is part of a choreography where the knee touches the ground, there will be
chances of getting dust from the stage.
– I don’t think it’s because of the dust…

– Let’s wear something like braces or knee leggings..

– Isn’t she still a high school kid ㅠㅠ..?

– Get them protectors, JYP!

– Why aren’t they wearing knee protectors? Styling is an excuse that you don’t need all these things. If you give young children tight choreography, you must protect their joints even more ㅠㅠ

– It looks painful ㅠㅠ

– Through the Bubble app, Jinni said she was okay ㅜㅜ I’m still worried, don’t get sick, baby…

– If only I could give her knee pads!

– It hurts to be sick. Their performance is good but it shouldn’t hurt your bones. Take care, Jinni ㅠㅠ


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