NEWS NAVER Behind the scenes of TWICE’s contract renewal ‘K-Pop One Top Girl Group’ is indestructible.

[K-POP] Behind the scenes of TWICE’s contract renewal ‘K-Pop One Top Girl Group’ that can’t be broken 7 is also a lucky number. But in the idol version, the numbers hold the fu...

[K-POP] Behind the scenes of TWICE’s contract renewal ‘K-Pop One Top Girl Group’ that can’t be broken

7 is also a lucky number. But in the idol version, the numbers hold the future together. The basic formula for idols is ‘7-year jinx’. This is because the contract period between celebrities and their agency under standard celebrity contracts is at least seven years.

In real terms, ‘7 years’ is an idol’s life expectancy, the expiration date. But most won within seven years. From their debut in their late teens to their early 20s, their identity as idols disappeared after their heyday. When we get older, Our images are used, and we change them by participating in various activities. according to the ability of each person.

Most idols go through a similar process. by changing the concept, and They become a completely different team from when they debuted. Or do they just seek the safety of ‘colorless’ by continuing to follow ‘hits’ while working as a team? He finds a way to live as a solo singer or actor.

The team that jumped out without going through this process was the girl group TWICE. They kept their golden age since their debut. And leading wealth by changing the stages of activities in Korea, Japan and the United States. As well as ‘Pretty next to Pretty Woman’, they have maintained the adjustments heard when they were freshmen. And they retain their identity as ‘TWICE’.

What team is TWICE? TWICE debuted in October 2015 starting with their debut songs ‘Ooh-oh’, ‘Cheer Up’, ‘TT’, ‘KNOCK KNOCK’, ‘Signal’, ‘Like’, ‘Heart Shaker’, ‘. What is Love ?’ When comes to ‘Dance The Night Away’, ‘Yes or Yes’, ‘Fancy’, ‘Feel Special’ and ‘Scientist’ as the main characters of the number one song that swept domestic album charts and abroad.

Cumulative album sales in Korea and Japan surpassed 10 million copies, entered the Tokyo Dome in the shortest time since his debut as a foreign artist, placed 3rd on the 3rd full-length album ‘Billboard 200’ and held the highest record ever. More than 100 million views and 20 girl groups around the world. Especially this year, they successfully entered the North American stadium for the first time in the history of a K-pop girl group.

TWICE sold out nine shows in 5 cities in the US. Even in its 7th year of release, TWICE is proving limitless global growth. As a result, I had no choice but to accept TWICE as ‘K-Pop One Top Girl’. Group'(K-pop girl group #1)

TWICE only focuses on team activities, although the charms of the nine members are different and unique. After renewing the contract, He also plans to make his solo debut. It’s possible because it’s not a single centre-led team. but a group of nine

TWICE’s seven years are inevitable, and JYP is reluctant to reveal stories related to contract renewals. So no one can know the future of TWICE.

Of course, the American tour is top-rated both at home and abroad. As the acceptance in the US skyrocketed, it was speculated that Jira members had no reason not to renew their contracts. As their global activities were ignited, all members continued their contracts with JYP Entertainment. Saro believed in a more developed future.

Above all, The strong friendships of the members play a vital role in the team’s survival. Despite being a multinational Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese girl group, they have been friends and brothers for over ten years without conflict or conflict. Even a good team, However, there are instances when contracts with the company are hidden when the season of contract renewal comes, even though TWICE is very close. But they had no false ambitions, so they did nothing to hurt their morals.

With this momentum, TWICE will be making a comeback with ‘BETWEEN 1&2’ on August 26, as it will be the first album released after contract renewal. It will be a guide for ‘TWICE Act 2’. How will TWICE draw pictures?

We are looking forward to K-Pop history. We are looking forward to more K-pop history that Twice will rewrite.


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