NewJeans with 4 successes that happened quickly after debut From a different approach to K-POP

NewJeans, the new girl group of HYBE under the direction of ADOR, a new label led by Min Hee Jin, brings out the experience of creating a K-pop idol group in a new way. difference But there is still a...

NewJeans, the new girl group of HYBE under the direction of ADOR, a new label led by Min Hee Jin, brings out the experience of creating a K-pop idol group in a new way. difference But there is still a familiarity that makes K-POP fans adjust quickly.

NewJeans is a 5-member girl group whose members are between the ages of 14-18, namely Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein, whose entire production process starts from auditioning. , name of the group, image, concept, promotion, music style, to the album package. Coming from the leadership of Min Hee Jin in the role of the group’s producer all around.

Their first appearance was full of differences. Introducing new methods of brand communication, it started with the release of the MV of their first song before the members’ first appearance. Which quickly excited the fans with the flow of speech. Sharing information by social media users is followed by the launch of the group’s exclusive platform, Phoning, which is used to post images of the group’s ideas and also has a chat room. Members of the NewJeans will rotate and discuss. Along with exclusive content that gives the feeling of reading, chatting with a group of friends.

They also released four MVs to promote their debut, each showing a different appeal. But after listening to all four songs, you will feel that it is a different style of music from Idol’s current promotional songs. But it is not a new style that is difficult to access as many. People are initially concerned that the direction of the music genre released seems to be positive. Until their debut, success has now been determined by various statistics.

The number of MV views has reached millions since before the members’ first appearance.

K-POP fans usually use to keep the MV of their first song as a highlight released on the day of their debut. Introduced by members, released images, ideas, short clips and has been attracting attention for some time. All of this helped keep the MVs moving fast on their first release, but NewJeans did the opposite, releasing an MV for their debut single. This approach is immediately noticed for how the response will sound. The results turned out to be exciting. And questionable novelty, and the mention attracted viewers for the band’s first music video for ‘Attention’, which was quickly released from around the world. Which now has 9.8 million views

The total number of pre-orders for the album exceeded 440,000 copies in 3 days.

With a sleek design style, and with the excitement of NewJeans debut, pre-orders for their debut album have skyrocketed since they began accepting online orders. In just the first three days, 440,000 copies were sold, a record high for a new one. The first group.

Attention reaches No. 1 on the music charts.

After NewJeans’ first album was released on August 1, all four songs from the album quickly rose to the charts, led by their first single, “Attention”. On the Bugs chart just two hours after the album’s release on broadcast. Also on the Melon charts, they also set the record for the first female group to have a single on the charts in three years, reaching number 20 on August 2nd.

On the iTunes charts, NewJeans’ debut album also reached number one in nine countries, one of which was Thailand.

First appearance at Chanel

NewJeans’ first official media appearance is scheduled for Chanel’s’ N ° 1 DE CHANEL GARDEN ‘on August 2, a gathering of celebrities from the entertainment industry. They came up with the Y2K fashion concept, the style of the group that Min Hee Jin set for their first promotion. Their appearance caused a stir on social media as pictures of each member were first shown at the event. Before they perform on stage in various music programs this week.

Following their debut on the music show this week, their debut album, NewJeans, will be released. Officially. For the August 8th album, stay tuned for their album sales statistics to see how many will be released. What level.

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