New Evidence Rumors ITZY’s Ryujin and NCT’s Haechan Are Dating

Famous girl group member 'A' allegedly spotted outside the residence of major agency boy group member 'B...

Famous girl group member ‘A’ allegedly spotted outside the residence of major agency boy group member ‘B’

On August 16, one media outlet reported that a famous girl group member, ‘A’, had been spotted waiting outside the residence of a major entertainment agency boy group member, ‘B’.

The media outlet claimed, “Two idols who have been continuously involved in dating rumors, ‘A’ spotted outside his residence, Seoul Seongdong-gu Seongsu-dong ‘L’ apartment complex.”

The media outlet continued, “A photo of a famous girl group member ‘A’ standing outside the residence of boy group member ‘B’ has surfaced.”

“In the photo, ‘A’ is standing outside the gate of ‘L’ apartment complex located in Seoul’s Seongdong-gu, Seongsu-dong, which is known to be the home of ‘B’. ‘A’ seems to be contacting someone on her phone.
‘A’ and ‘B’ previously became involved in several dating rumors after being seen with ‘couple items’ or being seen following the other person on a personal tablet device.
However, the rumors currently remain rumors. Neither side’s agency has spoken up to address the multiple dating rumors.
Meanwhile, ‘A’ is the visual member of a famous girl group. ‘B’ is a member of a major entertainment agency boy group.”

Rumors are currently spreading online that the media report above is about ITZY’s Ryujin and NCT’s Haechan.

K-netizens are speculating that it’s ITZY’s Ryujin and NCT’s Haechan.

Ryujin hat

Ryujin’s Katalk wallpaper and Haechan’s Bubble name
(Both of them mentioning ‘cotton candy’)

Dating rumors between K-pop idols NCT’s Haechan and ITZY’s Ryujin have been circulating for a while now. For rumors started in May last year. After the boy group members were spotted following the girl group on VLIVE.

Since then, many fans and netizens have provided several pieces of evidence to prove that the two idols are indeed lovers. Pet names, etc. Recently, both Haechan and Ryujin became entangled in dating rumors again after new evidence of their relationship was brought up online.

What do you think about this couple? I’m confused as to why these two people are in the news so often or what moment did we miss? Because really, the evidence is not that clear. But Korean netizens seem to believe this couple very much.

Source: WikiTree

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