Netizens say they cannot get over the late Sulli’s photo from middle school

Netizens still can't get over f(x) Sulli's beautiful middle school graduation photo....

On an online community forum, netizens reposted a famous photo of the late f(x) member. The photo is her middle school graduation year book photo, a piece of a past that many idols inevitably get to share online.

The photo was a sensation when it first appeared since she looked absolutely gorgeous and elegant, “even as a middle schooler.” The uploader of the post wrote:

I can’t believe that this kind of visual can come out from a middle school graduation photo…So pretty, but her aura is so mature…”

In the comments section, other netizens reacted:

That face will only come out once every thousand years

I can’t believe she is a human being in that photo
She will always be an all-time legend

She was also incredibly unique
My favorite female idol
How can someone look that pretty even without any eyebrows
She and I went to the same ballet school during elementary school and she was pretty even then
She will always be a princess

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