Netizens debate over P1Harmony’s detailed absent notice

Netizens are split over P1Harmony's detailed absent notice....

Netizens are split over P1Harmony‘s detailed absent notice. 

P1Harmony announced September 3rd that Jiung will miss the fan signing for their fourth mini-album, “Harmony: Zero In,” due to emesis and diarrhea.

Shortly after the notice, some netizens thought the very specific and detailed absence notice was disrespecting his privacy, while others thought it was better in the sense that it would prevent speculations.

Some of the comments are: 

“Honestly the label could have simply said he is not feeling well or his physical condition is not the best or something more discreet?” 

“It’s better to be specific. Otherwise, y’all will cook up some ridiculous rumors”

“What’s wrong with diarrhea and vomiting? He’s human too.”

“Wow, it’s my first time seeing a label writing a notice in this way.”

“So…Is someone teasing him for pooping or what? Why is this an issue?”

“As long as he is okay with it, I see no problem.”

“I honestly would not want to know my idol having diarrhea…”

“Well, this is not just about being an idol. No one writes an absent notice to work saying I’ve been throwing up and having diarrhea.”

“We all agreed to call that as having enteritis.”

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