Netizens Debate on Who Will Win This Year’s Female Singer Award!

They compiled a list of potential nominees...

Kpop fans have been talking about how fierce the competition is between female rookie girl groups, however, a Korean netizen pointed out that the competition on who will win the award for the female singer of the year will be just as bloody. They compiled a list of potential nominees and it quickly became a hot topic among Korean netizens.

1. Taeyeon – INVU

2. Jessi – Zoom

3. Yena – SMiLEY

4. Sunmi – Fever

5. Bol4 – Love Story

6. Nayeon – Pop

7. Younha – End Theory

– If you look at the music album, isn’t it Taeyeon?

– It’s Nayeon

– Younha!!! I wish she could get it, but Taeyeon will probably get the award ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

– Didn’t Nayeon sell the most albums?

– Wow, it’s going to be bloody

– My favorite song is Event Horizon

– I hear Zoom a lot these days

– I only listen to Nayeon and Jessie’s songs

– I feel like it’s going to be Yena

– Because of TikTok and the dance challenges, I was able to feel “Pop” well, but as expected, Taeyeon’s music was trendier.

– Looking at the song alone, Nayeon honestly, I don’t know if the other songs are popular.

– Domestically, Taeyeon. Internationally, Nayeon.

– Personally, I feel excited about Zoom, but I’ve heard a lot about Younha’s Event Horizon.

– Among them, I only know Taeyeon’s song

– Nayeon did so well in the charts. She even surpassed 100 million and was in the global spotify chart.

– Regardless of grades, I really enjoyed both Taeyeon and Nayeon’s songs this year ㅜㅜ I really like them both ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

– You guys forgot about Jo Yuri

– This is between Jessi and Nayeon

– This is out of topic but the color scheme of Nayeon’s album cover is similar to that of Taeyeon’s 1st album repack cover.

– What fierce? Taeyeon is the obvious winner LOL.

– If we look at the charts, it going to be Nayeon vs. Taeyeon. But Nayeon came out later so…

– Nayeon has an advantage in award shows like Mama for their overseas criteria. If it’s only in Korea, definitely Taeyeon.

– Nayeon, Taeyeon, no matter who gets it, it doesn’t seem strange, don’t fight

– Didn’t IU release an album this year?


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