Netizens Choose Their Favorite Taeyeon Hair Color!

10+ Taeyeon's hair color: Netizens choose their favorite....

A Korean netizen recently compiled the different hairstyles of Taeyeon over the years and said, “Let’s choose the color that you think is the best for Taeyeon’s hair!” The compilation instantly sparked a discussion among fans and had some of them traveling down memory lane.

1. Gold Brown

2. Pink Two-Tone

3. Ash Khaki? Brown?

4. Blue Two-Tone

5. Blonde

6. Straight Black Hair

7. Pink

8. Orange Brown

9. Ash Gray & Khaki Two Tone

10. Brown

11. Silver Hair

12. Dark Brown

13. Platinum Blonde

– In this compilation, that khaki two-tone is the prettiest, but among the Taeyeons I’ve seen, pink is the cutest.

– Taeyeon really seems to be her personal color…. There is nothing that doesn’t suit her.

– What don’t you like?

– Everything looks good on her

– So pretty!

– platinum blonde

– Everything is perfect except for the power warm tone color

– Taeyeon is the best, but I really wanted to do a hush cut after seeing this

– She’s a fairy with a platinum blonde hair!

– Looking at all of these, I have nothing to say because they all look so well together. I’m not a fan, but I think she can pull off all the colors

– Taeyeon’s blonde hair is the truth… Black hair with bangs down is pretty too

– I like this hairdo

Goddess of Athens

– Black hair!!!

– Personally, I think toned down colors look good on her.

– Two-tone or silver-haired brown

– All of the colors are pretty, but if you want to dye your hair like that, you bleach your hair a lot. My hair is going to fall off. It must be really hard to recover.

– Number 9! Wow, it’s so hard to choose…

– I hope she’d gain some weight.

– I can’t choose ㅜㅜ they’re all crazy good ㅜㅜ

– Taeyeon is always in her prime.


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