NCT 127 concert bombing threat letter found… even the police

Jakarta concert hall threatens 'bombing' in Indonesia...

A bomb threat letter was found at the group ‘NCT 127 concert hall, which is about to hold a concert in Jakarta, Indonesia.

‘NCT 127’ Twitter

Local media in Indonesia reported on the 4th (Korean time) that a bomb threat letter was found at the concert hall of ‘NCT 127‘, but there were no suspicious objects.

Earlier, ‘NCT 127’ was threatened with a bomb attack written in a handwritten letter through SNS. The letter read ‘ICE BSD November 4, 2022’.

However, as the local police searched the concert hall with sniffer dogs have done it, it was said that no bomb was found.

‘NCT 127’ released their 4th full-length album, ‘2 Baddies’, in September.

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