MONEY, the most popular K-pop female solo song Featured in Apple Music’s Pop Hits: 2021 playlist!

“#MONEY” by #LISA is currently the ONLY female K-pop track included in Apple Music’s Pop Hits: 2021 playlist! (46/50) “Money” is the second track on Lisa’s solo debut studio album ‘LALIS...

“#MONEY” by #LISA is currently the ONLY female K-pop track included in Apple Music’s Pop Hits: 2021 playlist! (46/50)

“Money” is the second track on Lisa’s solo debut studio album ‘LALISA.’ The electro-pop song sings about raking in those dollar bills, and how money can make all the haters shut up! And it featured in Apple Music’s Pop Hits: 2021 playlist! (46/50)

LISA “Money” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the first verse of the song, Lisa kicks off the song by ushering in the weekend at a month-end. Both of these times coincide with salary pay cycles in most companies. So, everybody is getting paid today. Getting our paycheck is what we all yearn for every month. Possibly the happiest day of our professional life. That is until we realize the number of bills we have!

Lisa, however, has a more positive approach for this paycheck. She says she is going to spend it all on herself. Maybe she has her bills covered by some other means. However, considering that Lisa has an estimated net worth of $10 million at the time of this song means she probably does not have to wait for her paycheck every month!

I’m a drop it like it’s pouring, I’m a pour it on myself

She paints a picture of getting bathed in money. It seems to be a pretty big paycheck.

In the refrain of the song, more braggadocious money comments pour down. She says her cheques never bounce because she has enough money in her bank accounts. A cheque gets denied payment if the issuer does not have sufficient money in their bank account. This is called cheque bouncing.

Lisa also sings that she does the money dance and more money just rolls in. This is pretty factual considering that she is a pretty amazing dancer and her music releases include her dancing in the visuals. She rakes in money with these releases. For example, the “LALISA” music video has gained over 200 million views on YouTube alone within one week of release.

When the store says, “Sign for it,” I’m a leave my autograph

This lyric could be talking about Lisa signing for her invoices when she shops at stores or even signing brand deals. Either way, her signature is more like an autograph at this point. As a BLACKPINK member and also kicking off her solo music career, she is a well-known personality around the world. She is a superstar, so it makes sense that her signature is considered more than just a signature.

In the second verse of the song, Lisa says that your wins are the best way to shut down your haters and enemies.

Everyone silent
Listen to my money talk

When they see those green dollar bills, they turn into ‘friends’ all of a sudden. They will find a way to leach off of her still.

This song is a celebration of Lisa’s personal success — specifically on the finance side. We cannot help but sing along and dance with her to this uptempo beat. And now it’s your turn to sing and dance along.

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