MOMO says security guards stopped her from entering TWICE’s fan sign, thinking she was a fan

MOMO says security guards stopped her from entering TWICE's fan sign...

MOMO of K-pop girl group TWICE shared that security guards did not allow her to enter the group’s fan signing event, thinking she was a fan without a ticket.

On September 3, a video of MOMO and her group members SANA and NAYEON having a talk with entertainer Jonathan was uploaded on YouTube.

During their talk, MOMO shared a hilarious story: “I was once not allowed in our fan signing event because security guards stopped me from entering it.”

MOMO explained, “What happened was that I wanted to surprise fans by unexpectedly coming out of an area among them. I imagined myself suddenly appearing among them and them being completely startled by it. I thought they would like that a lot.”

She continued, “So, I was like, “I should go into the venue using the entrance that fans use. And as I tried to go in, security guards there were like, “No, you can’t go in. “Show me your ticket.”

Then, MOMO laughed and stated that it happened despite the fact that she was all styled at that time. 

MOMO said, “I had my make-up on, nicely styled my hair, wore a fashionable outfit, and everything! They didn’t recognize me at all, though! So, I told them I was a member of TWICE, but they didn’t believe me.” 

She resumed, “Even though I told them I was a TWICE member, they continuously asked me for a ticket. I didn’t know how to respond. I felt really lost. I just kept telling them, “I am TWICE…” 

She laughingly added, “That went on for a little while, and a couple of moments later, they were like, ‘Oh! “We’re so sorry!” Then, they let me in.”

This was back in 2019, and MOMO said, “I told them I was a member of TWICE, but they kept asking me for a ticket. Do I look bad today, everyone? I guess it just means I have to work harder.” 

On that day, she made her fellow members and fans at the venue laugh hard with her “entry ban” story. 

At that time, Jihyo also shared that security guards asked for an entry card when she was trying to enter the group’s concert venue in the past.

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