Mamamoo’s Wheein is right. Changed comeback visual

Group Mamamoo member Wheein's comeback visual draws attention....

Group Mamamoo member Wheein‘s comeback visual draws attention.

Mamamoo made a comeback after a year and a month with the release of their twelfth mini album, ‘MIC ON,’ on the 11th. On this day, he opened a showcase to commemorate the album release and stepped out in front of reporters.

Among them, Mamamoo member Wheein’s appearance attracted the most attention. It’s Wheein, but the atmosphere has changed when added, a chic feeling with more apparent facial features.

Before the comeback, Mamamoo participated in the recording of JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’ on September 29th. The mood is also strangely different from the appearance of Wheein caught on camera on the way to work that day.

Meanwhile, Wheein’s eye injury was known ahead of this comeback, causing fans’ concerns. Wherein, who was diagnosed with corneal scars from stage effect device residues, was treated. After recovering his health, Wheein is on the Mamamoo comeback schedule.

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