Mamamoo’s Hwasa will debut as a solo MC for tvN’s music entertainment ‘Hwasa Show’ in December

An evening of Hwasa and musicians filled with stories and music...

Group Mamamoo‘s Hwasa will take on the role of MC for the variety show ‘Hwasa Show.’

tvN’s ‘Hwasa Show’ (directed by Yang Jeong-woo) is a music entertainment show where MC Hwasa and musicians fill the night with stories and music. In the music studio that announces Hwasa’s night, she plans to spend time with comfortable people and present fun and comfort to viewers.

Hwasa will debut as a solo MC through this program. Hwasa, who showed amazing skills as a special MC for many programs and award ceremonies, will present a show under her name in earnest.

The most significant expectation is that the beginning is music entertainment for a lazy night. ‘Hwasa Show’ is expected to contain Hwasa’s free taste in music and many stories in a comfortable everyday space, not on a fancy stage. Much attention is being paid to the ‘Hwasa Show,’ which has a unique atmosphere.

Various musicians also come as guests. They are expected to start an all-night trip by gathering in groups of threes and fives in Hwasa’s own space and sharing stories and music suitable for the late night. The comfortable atmosphere created by Hwasa, witty conversations, and guests’ stories is expected to provide unique fun and comfort.

tvN’s new music entertainment ‘Hwasa Show’ will be broadcast for the first time at noon on December 17th.

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