Low-rise pants have become a hot trend among female K-pop idols

Female idols showing off their gorgeous body in low-rise pants....

After a long absence, low-rise pants have returned to the fashion track and become a new iconic item for many female K-pop idols.


On the evening of September 6, BLACKPINK officially released the poster for the title song Shut Down of the album BORN PINK. The YG girl group possesses a luxurious aura, and among the 4 girls, Lisa‘s outfit takes the spotlight thanks to its bold design.

BLACKPINK released the poster for the title song “Shut Down”. 

The youngest member of BLACKPINK wears a low-rise jean skirt mixed with a mesh shirt, skillfully showing off her slim waist. Fans are also looking forward to seeing more official photos of Lisa in this gorgeous outfit.

Lisa and her excellent body shape in a daring set of outfit with low-rise pant

Previously, in the MV “Pink Venom,”  the female idol also drew attention with her hip-hop-style items. This time, Lisa chose to combine a bralette with a low-rise pant, possessing the image of a sexy and chic girl.

Lisa used to wear a similar outfit in the “Pink Venom” MV.
Lisa surprised many people with her bold fashion style. 


In May 2021, Jennie caused a stir on social networks when she released her photos wearing low-rise jeans with a bralette, showing off her smooth bareback. This series of photos of Jennie quickly took the SNS by storm.

Jennie shows off her slim figure in revealing outfits. 
Her set of outfit took SNS by storm.

Wonyoung (IVE)

Wonyoung is well-known for her significant height of 172 cm. Thanks to her impressive height, the female idol can handle all kinds of outfit concepts. Not long ago, Wonyoung impressed the public when she wore a Y2K-style outfit in a photoshoot for Miu Miu. She chose a short, low-rise skirt combined with a crop top to show off her abs.

Wonyoung and her y2k outfit with low-rise short skirt. (Photo: Instagram @for_everyoung10)


MAMAMOO member Hwasa has always been known for her bold choices of outfit. In an airport appearance back in 2019, the female idol wore her jeans with the zipper down, leading to accusations that she was intentionally flaunting her underwear.

Hwasa wore a controversial outfit back in 2019

However, as it turns out, the presumed “underwear” was actually a biker short from Alexander Wang, with a waist band that resembles underwear. At the time, this style was relatively new, leading to a lot of confusion and unwarranted criticisms towards Hwasa.

The “confusing” biker shorts worn by Hwasa

Lia (ITZY)

Many people were shocked to learn that ITZY has also flaunted underwear lines on stage. However, in the case of Lia, the underwear was so subtle, many mistook it for a belt. The patterned underwear worn by Lia turns out to be from Versace, while her trousers came from street luxury brand OFF-WHITE.

ITZY Lia also adopted the “underwear style” while on stage
Many people even thought that the underwear band was a belt 

Yuna (ITZY)

Lia is not the only ITZY member that has caught onto this new style, and Yuna has also caught onto the trend. In the case of Yuna, however, she wore black underwear that matched her black pants, creating a rather seamless look.

Yuna’s subtle moment with the underwear trend
As her underwear matched with her pants, not many people noticed this unique styling 

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