Lee Hye Sung, a former announcer and broadcaster, confessed an anecdote of being hurt by malicious comments

“It’s so upsetting to just listen.”; “My mindset has changed a lot”...

Lee Hye-sung recently uploaded a video titled “Playlist recommended by Hyedi, who was a radio DJ,” on her YouTube channel, “Hyesung.”

Lee Hye Sung said, “I was upset when I heard that her friend was hurt because of someone’s evaluation of her appearance. ” It’s so upsetting to just listen to it, so I’d like to hit it back in such a situation.”

One of the production crew asked Lee Hye Sung, “Isn’t it hurt by her comment, ‘It comes out a bit like bread crumbs’?”

Lee Hye Sung replied, “I was hurt a lot in the past, but now I have a mindset of what to do.”

Lee Hye Sung added, “In the past, I wanted to pretend not to gain weight even if I ate a lot. I wanted to say, “I’m not on a diet,” but now I can honestly say, “I’m the type of person who gets fat by eating, but if I exercise, I lose weight well,” she added.

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