‘Lee Byung-hun ♥︎’ A singer who heard Lee Min-jung say, “I’m good at kissing”

Singer who revealed the episode with Lee Min-jung...

There is a singer who recalls the memories of kissing scene with actress Lee Min-jung.

Fly to the Sky’s Brian appeared as a new groom candidate on Channel A’s ‘These days of Men’s Life – Groom’s Lesson,’ which was broadcast on the 9th. MC Wonhee Kim visited Brian’s real house to see if he would be a suitable candidate for the groom.

Kim Won-hee presented a large flower as a housewarming gift. She said, “I heard the information about the ‘kiss master’ and thought that he must be a romantic person (I prepared flowers)” he said. Then she asked how the term ‘Kiss Master’ came to be.

Brian Joo said, “I didn’t say it with my mouth. In the past, actor Lee Min-jung appeared in the music video for ‘Like a Man’ and filmed a kissing scene. Hwanhee and I took NG for almost an hour or two, but I got ok at once.“

He continued, “Lee Min-jung may not remember it now, but at that time, as soon as (filming) was over, she looked at me and said, You’re very good at kissing.”

Brian said, “(At that time) I started to think that I was pretty good. There was no kiss scene after that, but I’d have been confident if there had been.” At the same time, he made everyone laugh by expressing frustration, “It’s been a long time since I kissed someone because I haven’t been in a relationship for a long time.”

On this day, he picked Kim Won Hee as the first celebrity to receive his kiss on a past broadcast. Kim Won Hee also remembered that Fly to the Sky appeared as new employees and she appeared as a devious boss in a skit back then.

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