LE SSERAFIM Kazuha’s Pre-debut Photos Become a Hot Topic Among Korean Netizens

She looks like a pretty Korean girl....

A Korean netizen recently uploaded pre-debut photos of LE SSERAFIM member Kazuha. The photos immediately garnered attention from fellow netizens.

– Wow, it’s strange that she doesn’t look like Japanese at all. She looks like a pretty Korean girl.

– My dutch roommate is Korean

– Cute!!!

– She looks like a baby rabbit

– She looks like a paler version of Suzy!!!

– Please stop talking about Suzy. She’s not good enough.
– Kazuha is Kazuha
– Not at all. She looks more like Kim Go Eun
– She really looks like a mix of Kim Go Eun and Suzy

– She’s very pretty!

– Seriously. How do people think she looks like Suzy?

– With this photo, they look incomparable

– She really bloomed! Such a pretty kid!

– She looks like Rocket Punch Suyun

– Wow! I can see it!
– I can feel it! Haha! After debuting, she started to look like Yeonhee!

– It’s funny when people say she doesn’t look like Suzy

– When Kim Jongguk saw Kazuha, he also said that he didn’t know Kazuha was Japanese until she told him!

– I like Kazuha so much! I hope she gets more famous!


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