Here are some​ Korean parents’ favourite following female K-pop idols to be pretty

Here are the female K-pop idols Korean parents think are pretty!...

Here are some Korean parents’ favorite female K-pop stars!

On August 24, a post headed “Who are the female idols that your parents feel are pretty?” appeared on a well-known online community forum. “I watch TV with my parents a lot, but here are the female idols who my parents feel are pretty,” the netizen wrote in one instance. The netizens then included a list of female idols.

1. Girls’ Generation’s YoonA

2. (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon

3. IVE’s Yujin

4. Kep1er’s Yujin

5. Former Miss A‘s Suzy

In response, some netizens’ comments included:

“My mom said Yeji looks unique and pretty.”


“Jang Won Young is at the top!”

“My mom liked Jennie after her CF.”

“My mom also likes YoonA lolll. My dad thinks Suzy [is pretty] and I like Ahn Yujin.”

“ITZY’s Yeji.”

“My mom liked Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung since long ago.”

“My mom also likes YoonA lollll.”

“After seeing Sullyoon, my mom said it’s been a long time since someone as pretty as YoonA came out.”

“My mom says Jennie looks so luxurious and my dad also liked Jennie. They said she doesn’t look like the idols these days, and looks very elegant.”

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