Kim Yoo-jung’s Instagram photo with the words “Are you two love stars?” the reaction exploded

Kim Yoo-jung, ahead of the release of the movie '20th Century Girl.'...

The friendship between actress Kim Yoo-jung and Lee Joo-young caught the attention of netizens.

On the 9th, in Daum Cafe Women’s Generation, an article was posted saying, ‘Two actors who are openly on Love Stargram.’ The report contains SNS posts where Lee Joo-young and Kim Yoo-jung posted pictures of each other.

After meeting on Teabing’s original entertainment program “Young Actors’ Retreat,” the two became friends. Lee Joo-young took a picture of her red carpet at the 27th Busan International Film Festival, and Kim Yoo-jung attended the movie “20th Century Girl” GV and posted it on Instagram.

Kim Yoo-jung also showed off her friendship by tagging Lee Joo-young’s photo. Netizens who saw the two’s SNS cheered, saying, “Isn’t this enough to be a love star,” “I want to be in between me,” and “Congratulations will make it true.”

Meanwhile, Kim Yoo-jung is about to release the Netflix movie ‘20th Century Girl‘. ‘20th Century Girl‘ is a romance that revolves around the sad but thrilling first love of a 17-year-old girl Bora, who put friendship over love in 1999, at the end of the 20th century, and the news of that love is heard again in the 21st century.

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