KBS’s “Music Bank” Deems BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down” Unfit for Broadcast

Group BLACKPINK's "Shut Down" was judged ineligible at KBS's own deliberation. ...

Group BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down” was judged ineligible at KBS’s own deliberation. It is the second song after the pre-released song “Pink Venom”.

According to the results of the K-pop review released on KBS’ official website on the 21st, KBS has decided that BLACKPINK’s new album “BORN PINK,” its title song “Shut Down,” and “Tally” are ineligible for broadcasting.

BLACKPINK submitted a total of seven songs for deliberation, including “Shut Down,” “Typa Girl,” “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” “Hard to Love,” “The Happiest Girl,” “Tally,” and “Ready For Love.” However, two of them were declared ineligible, and one was suspended.

“Shut Down” was judged ineligible for lyrics that violate Article 46 of the Broadcasting Review Regulations, including referring to the brand of a specific product. “Tally” was ineligible because of its use of slang and vulgar expressions.

BLACKPINK released their second full length album “Born Pink” on the 16th.


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