KARA to Appear on “Knowing Bros” in mid December

KARA will appear on "Knowing Bros" as a whole group....

According to SportTVNews on November 22nd, KARA will participate in the recording of JTBC’s variety program “Knowing Bros” on November 24th.

KARA, who are releasing an album to commemorate their 15th debut anniversary on this coming November 29th, are set to show off their limitless variety charms on “Knowing Bros.” This will be their first appearance on the show, drawing much attention.

KARA are set to appear on many entertainment/variety programs for their 15th anniversary to show their shinning presence. It was revealed earlier that KARA will appear on “IU’s Palette,” which was shown to be finished filming on IU’s YouTube channel.

KARA will release its 15th anniversary special album “Move Again” on November 29th, which will be their first comeback in seven years since their seventh mini-album “In Love” released in May 2015. In particular, the original members Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, Nicole, and Kang Jiyoung will be joined by Heo Youngji, forming a new formation for the anniversary album.

KARA’s episode on “Knowing Bros” is scheduled to air in mid December.


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