Kang Min-kyung’s meal reveals a surprise to some consumers

Kang Min-kyung, who boasted of her cola bottle body, eats this much at one meal alone...

Davichi Kang Min-kyung certified lunch alone.

Kang Min-kyung revealed the name of her regular restaurant on her Instagram on the 11th and explained, “It’s thin, cold, and moist, so I’m just happy if I go alone late at lunch time and eat half meat and half dumplings and half water ice.” He also posted photos of Jeyuk, dumplings, and water naengmyeon that he ate for lunch.

Although it is said that they only ordered half a plate, some people are surprised because it may seem like a lot to eat alone by some people’s standards.

Previously, Kang Min-kyung caused admiration by revealing a photo that highlighted the body of a Coke bottle while on vacation in Hawaii.

Kang Min-kyung is currently running a fashion brand. As he actively communicates with fans on his YouTube channel, he recently won the Celebrity YouTuber of the Year award at the Brand Awards.

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