“JYP Can Be LE SSERAFIM’s New Member” — J.Y. Park Takes on the “ANTIFRAGILE” Dance Challenge With LE SSERAFIM

Why does he look like a power ranger...

On November 29th, LE SSERAFIM uploaded their latest “ANTIFRAGILE” dance challenge, this time featuring none other than the Asian soul himself, J.Y. Park!

@le_sserafim 박진영 선배님과 Anti-ti-ti-ti #ANTIFRAGILE 🕺💪 #LE_SSERAFIM #르세라핌 #JYPark #박진영 ♬ ANTIFRAGILE – LE SSERAFIM

Upon the video’s release, it instantly became a hot topic in South Korea!

– So f*cking good! Hahahahaha!

– I’m going crazy hahahaha

– This video is my guilty-titi pleasure

– JYP, release a full version!

– This is so good!

– Park Jinyoung has danced to everything except NMIXX’s song LOL

– Why does he look like a power ranger

– They dance really well

– It’s insanely juicy, it’s like moist chocolate chips hahahahahahaha

– Times like this I realize why JYP is JYP

– JYP really is the king

– Seriously, their dance line is the best

– King of dancing and facial expressions

– He’s so good, it’s overwhelming!

– He doesn’t put any effort into it and still does really well

– LE SSERAFIM’s new member

– Give me the full version

– JYP, please do ‘Attention’

– Ah, the more I listen to LE SSERAFIM’s song, the more strangely I keep thinking of this song, but since Park Jin-young danced today, I finally realized why.


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