Jessica’s unconventional ‘underwear exposure’ photo has been published… Highest number since debut (4 chapters)

Jessica posted a photo on Instagram...

Singer Jessica from Girls’ Generation drew attention with her best exposure since her debut.

On the 25th, Jessica posted several photos of underwear pictorials and the words “Hello, it’s me” on her Instagram.

Jessica’s published photos appear to have been taken in collaboration with an innerwear brand. In the photo, Jessica is wearing only black pants and a jean jacket, exposing the underwear she is wearing inside.

She posed while wearing a black bra, boldly revealing her dizzying body and captivating attention. The unconventional exposure rarely seen during her Girls’ Generation activities arouses her admiration.

Jessica debuted in 2007 as a member of Girls’ Generation. She has been active as a solo singer and entrepreneur since she left the team in 2014.

She appeared in Season 3 of the Chinese audition program ‘Seungpoong Blue Red Jerk‘ last year, finished second, and is about to make a re-debut. This program depicts the process of re-debuting as a girl group after competing with female entertainers over 30.

Jessica has recently been active in the Chinese BJ training program ‘Sexuality‘ where cast members compete to become female BJs.

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