Jeon Da-bin, who went to Itaewon with the Dol Singles members yesterday (29th), hastily informed the ‘current situation’

Jeon Da-bin went to Itaewon with Dol Singles members...

MBN’s ‘Dol Singles 3‘ cast members had a meeting at the time of the Itaewon disaster, but it is reported that they were successful.

Jeon Da-bin’s Instagram

Jeon Da-bin posted her Instagram story on the 30th, “Thank you for your concern DM (direct message). All the members went home right away after I heard the disaster message. Rest in peace. Everyone, take care of yourself.”

Choi Dong-hwan and Lee So-ra‘s couple also wrote, “I wish the deceased in good health” on their personal Instagram.

Lee So-ra’s Instagram

Donghwan Choi and Sora Lee also mourned on their personal Instagram, saying, “I wish the deceased in good health.”

Previously, Jeon Da-bin announced they had a meeting in Itaewon on the 29th with Sora Lee and Choi Dong-hwan, who appeared together in ‘Dol Singles 3’ for Halloween. Choi Dong-hwan also posted a picture taken with his lover Lee So-ra, saying, “I’m going to Itaewon to hang out, and a familiar face follows me.”

Accident that occurred in Itaewon on the 29th / News 1

On the evening of the 29th, in the Itaewon area in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, tens of thousands of people gathered ahead of Halloween Day on the 31st, causing a massive crushing disaster. Today (30th), 151 people have died, and 82 people have been injured.

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