Jang Won-young, a visual that captivates Paris, France… doll is alive

Jang Won-young, a visual that captivates Paris...

IVE‘s member Jang Won-young enchanted Paris.

Jang Won-young’s Instagram

On the 15th, Jang Won-young posted a few photos and the words “Playing alone in” through her Instagram.

In the published photo, Jang Won-young visited a luxury brand store in Paris, France, and tried on various items. Jang Won-young is working as an ambassador for the brand.

In the photo, Jang Won-young is wearing an all-black outfit with sparkling charm. Her beautiful visuals shine even in Paris.

Meanwhile, IVE released the third sing, le ‘After LIKE,’ on various online music sites at 6 pm on the 22nd of last month. ‘After LIKE’ contains two songs, including the title song ‘After LIKE’ of the same name and the b-side song ‘My Satisfaction.’

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