Jacket over underwear… A member of a ‘trend’ girl group who exploded in reaction when she showed off her stunning fashion at the awards ceremony

'Oh My Girl' Mimi posted on social media awards ceremony fashion...

Mimi, a member of the group Oh My Girl, drew attention with her dizzying awards ceremony fashion.

Mimi posted several photos on her Instagram on the 16th with the words “Thank you.”

Oh My Girl Mimi’s Instagram

The photo shows Mimi attending the “Asia Model Festival 2022” awards ceremony.

On this day, she caught the eye by showing off his s.e.x.y charm with bold styling that revealed black underwear.

In addition, the all-black fashion of wearing a black jacket and skirt over underwear created a chic atmosphere, drawing admiration.

Next, Mimi caught the eye by boasting model-like proportions with a small face and elongated stature. Then, holding the trophy, she smiled brightly and expressed satisfaction.

On the 16th, Mimi was congratulated by many people when she won the Entertainment Rookie of the Year award at the “Asia Model Festival 2022.”

When the photo was released, netizens responded to Mimi’s Instagram with “Congratulations. But please cover it up, sister”, “Your clothes are so hot,” “Congratulations, you’re a girl,” “Your sister is so cool,” “You’re the best,” etc.

Mimi recently emerged as an entertainment trend by working on the “Earth Arcade” entertainment program by PD Na Young-seok. After that, he appeared on MBC’s “Radio Star” and “The Manager” and attracted attention with her natural charm.

Oh My Girl’s official Instagram

Meanwhile, after debuting as Oh My Girl in 2015, Mimi gained popularity by releasing hit songs such as “Nonstop,” “Dolphin,” and “Dun Dun Dance.”

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