IVE’s Wonyoung Continues to Worry Fans As They Speculate That She Might Be Suffering From an Eating Disorder!

Your body... I'm worried......

IVE’s Wonyoung fans worry that the idol might be suffering from an eating disorder after seeing her new photos becoming dangerously thinner.

As the 4th generation It-girl of the Kpop industry, IVE’s Wonyoung has been carrying a lot of pressure since her debut.

From her IZ*ONE days to her IVE days, fans are noticing the very obvious weight loss on Wonyoung. Since then, it has been causing worry to fans that she has been becoming so thin lately.

They commented:

You look like a skeleton to a skinny person. Why are you so skinny? Stop talking like this.

Your body… I’m worried…

Some have no flesh, but I think the skeleton is very thin. How can you be so thin?

Fans who truly care about Jang Won-young should not give him a shield, but instead think about seeing their singer for a long time and hope that the real Jang Won-young is healthy. She says she’s pretty when she sees her body like that.

But I’ve heard a lot about Wonyoung being skinny, so could she have forced herself to starve to lose more? She lost weight because it was hard to just look at her. I’m having a hard schedule, or she was stressed because of malicious commenters who pretended not to be like you.

Not only Jang Won-young but also celebrities who were famous for their healthy and thin bodies—after losing weight—were worried that they might be too skinny. Typically, Uee. I say this to all celebrities, but the idea of ​​going crazy with Jang Won-Young comes from everywhere. I’m just worried because I’m too thin. People say they’re pretty after gaining weight again.

It’s serious, but right now, I’m going to hold out with my core strength, but that’s the level of an American model with anorexia.

Does it make sense to you to ask someone who is skinny if they are starving, given that they look like a skeleton? Stop saying that

This is indeed worrying. Does she not eat?… This isn’t a hate comment, and I know that she’s managing herself well, but at this point, it’s a bit severe.

These comments are why I despise when idols post pictures of a full course meal saying they ate it all or that they’re always eating that good. People genuinely believe that their idols aren’t lying, but there is no way you can be that thin while eating within your needed calorie intake, even with the amount that they exercise. It’s also crazy seeing how many people on ED Twitter and forums see wonyoung as their body goals and idol.
I really hope she hasn’t developed anything and that she takes care of herself while she can.

EDs aren’t only anorexia; those food photos could be real. Bulimia and binge-purge anorexia exist.

I feel like some idols may have binge and purge tendencies. As someone who often struggles with this, it doesn’t have to be an everyday thing. A binge session can come out of nowhere sometimes (especially if you are super restrictive), and the guilt brings on a purge.

It makes me afraid to think that the day she may gain weight, she maybe sees herself in a mirror and thinks she’s “fat.” It’s crazy how our heads can make us think we’re fat when we can be at our lowest weight, and it’s just so harmful, hope she’s surrounded with good people.
And I’m still side-eyeing SSE because it’s likely they’re the ones doing something; it wouldn’t be new…

She has a very obvious ED and stands out among fellow idols who are all underweight themselves.

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