“It’s rude vs. what’s wrong?” ITZY’s Ryujin mentioned ‘Joy ♥ Crush’… arguing

The Joy-Crush couple mentioned by Itzy Ryujin during a lab...

ITZY‘s Ryujin rose to the top of the board by referring to the love story of a fellow girl group.

Ryujin and Yeji held a V Live broadcast on VLIVE on the 4th.

Listening to Crush‘s song, the two communicated while reading fans’ comments in real time. At this time, Ryujin read a comment left by a fan that said, “Crush should pay more taxes.” Red Velvet’s Joy, who is in a public relationship with Crush, is attractive, so it is an internet term (meme) that was given in the meaning of “pay more tax.”

When Ryujin read this comment, Yeji, who was next to her, responded, “What is that?” She didn’t know what that meant. Then, Ryujin explained, “Aren’t you dating Joey-senpai (with Crush-sunbaenim)?” They whispered, but the scene was broadcast live to the fans.

The scene quickly spread across some online communities, creating controversy. Netizens commented, “It’s not even about my relationship, it’s really rude,” “I don’t care,” “I may have read the comments by mistake, but I should have moved on to something else,” and “I’m also a girl group and so rude,” “Joy fans,” I think I’d be angry,” “It’s an internet term that even Crush Joy is uncomfortable with,” “The person concerned is careful, and he’s reluctant to mention it,” “Did you read it if it was your own? It’s frivolous”, etc.

On the other hand, “Is this an insult? It’s not a bad thing”, “Is it something to be insulted like this?”, “If anyone sees it, it’s a meme created by Ryujin” “Why don’t you mention a public couple who are dating well?”, “Everyone is Yunan” reactions were also observed.

Crush and Joy of Red Velvet officially admitted that they were dating through their agencies in August last year.

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