“It’s really serious, I think the time has come”… Heize’s intentional post (photo)

Heize could not stand the news through SNS...

Singer Heize (Dahye Jang) is attracting attention by freshly foretelling a concert.

On the 22nd, Heize mentioned the ‘time’ of several candidates along with a memo on her Instagram, “I’m serious. Multiple choice. I’ll discuss it in the comments. I think the time has come.”

  1. When you get your license
  2. When to go to Jeongdongjin
  3. When you see the sunrise
  4. When you come to Seoul
  5. When you come to Seoul and look out the window to soothe your empty heart
  6. Get a license and go to Jeongdongjin to watch the sunrise,
    When you come to Seoul and look out the window to help your open heart
  7. When performing a concert

The concert announcement was made with a clever post. Then, Heize also voted for the concert’s name, saying, “Thanks to your support, I will try to make a concert ‘brand name’ first.”

Heize / Heize’s Instagram

Netizens reacted enthusiastically to this, such as “Heize’s Concert Gaza,” “Hey juice in the sense of pouring out everything about Heize,” “The concert preview is so good,” and “I want to go quickly.”

Heize released her second full-length album ‘Undo‘ on the 30th of last month and was active.

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