“It’s different from the one in the drama”… A video of an actress who suddenly appeared in real life

Real-life video of an actress spreading on YouTube...

Actress Han So-hee, real sensation video ‘topic’… Netizens “walking doll”

Actress Han So Hee‘s real-life video is attracting attention.

Recently, a video of Han So-hee‘s experience was uploaded on a YouTube channel.

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In particular, it caught the eye with a much smaller body and a small face size than she saw in the drama. Her apparent features and slender shoulder line also stood out.

Netizens who saw this showed reactions such as “She’s skinny,” “It’s a lot more doll than what I saw in the drama,” and “She always has a pretty face, but this time she’s prettier.”

They also left comments such as “I think I’ve been on a bad diet this time,” “A real walking doll,” “I’ll believe it even if it’s a Barbie doll,” and “Is that a human or a goddess?”

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