“It’s annoying to see people sharing their daily life right now”… ‘Heart Signal 2’ Kim Jang-mi exploded in anger (+reason)

'Heart Signal 2' Kim Jang-mi's anger post on Instagram...

‘Heart Signal Season 2’ cast member Kim Jang-mi honestly shared her feelings after the Itaewon disaster.

Kim Jang-mi’s Instagram

Kim Jang-mi posted a long sentence in English on her Instagram story on the 31st.

“I understand that people have to get out of the tragedies that happened over the weekend,” she wrote.

She then expressed his anger by saying, “For what? Because we need to know which cafe you went to? Who did you hang out with?”

Then, Kim Jang-mi expressed her regret, saying, “Please pay attention to those around you. Sometimes I hate people so much.”

Earlier, on the 29th of last month, a large number of people gathered near Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, and a sizeable crushing accident occurred.

According to the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters, as of 11 am on the 1st, 156 people had died, 29 were seriously injured, and 122 were lightly wounded.

Kim Jang-mi appeared on Channel A’s ‘Heart Signal Season 2’ in 2018 and made her face known.

At that time, she received a lot of love from viewers for his gorgeous visuals and natural charm.

Cast of ‘Heart Signal’

Jung Jae-ho, who appeared together in ‘Heart Signal Season 2‘ with Kim Jang-mi, made the people around him sad by revealing that he lost an acquaintance in the Itaewon disaster that day.

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