“It’s a dangerous situation, it’s dizzy… ” BLACKPINK’s Jennie caught in a net at an American concert (Video)

BLACKPINK's Jennie caught in a net at an American concert...

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie caught in a firecracker net is attracting attention.

Recently, a video of the ‘BLACKPINK‘ concert in the US was uploaded on various online communities and Twitter.

The released video was shocking in itself. Jennie was performing brightly. Then, firecrackers exploded on the stage and got caught in Jennie’s body as she ran down.

Jennie approached the members with a firecracker net wrapped around them. The bewildered members did not know what to do and removed the firecracker net from Jennie’s body. Jennie sat down and burst out laughing.

Netizens who saw this showed reactions such as “It’s so funny,” “Cute,” “Why is this real?”, “It’s like a spider’s web,” “You must have been embarrassed,” “It’s a dangerous situation,” and “It’s dizzy.”

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