It turns out that the value of Jennie’s photos on Instagram is a whopping $3.6 million per photo

Jennie Chanel shows a media influence value of about 4.3 billion Won...

It has been estimated that the value of a single BLACKPINK‘s Jennie photo is over 4 billion Won.

Jenny’s Instagram

The JoongAng reported on the 28th that, according to the data company Launch Metrics survey, the media influence value created by Jennie attending the Chanel Show in March this year amounted to $3.6 million, or about 4.3 billion won at the exchange rate at the time.

In the same month, the live broadcast of the Dior Paris collection attended by Jisoo recorded 140 million views. At that time, the media influence value of a single photo uploaded to Jisoo’s Instagram was found to be 1.74 million dollars (about 2 billion won at the exchange rate at the time).

Blackpink’s global reach is also revealed through the number of YouTube subscribers. Blackpink has 81.8 million YouTube subscribers. No. 1 among all artists worldwide and 11 on all YouTube channels.

The number of subscribers to the BTS YouTube channel (70.8 million) is more than 10 million, and the number of subscribers, which was recently sold for 2 billion won, is 45 times more than that of the YouTube channel “Shin Saimdang,” with 1.8 million subscribers.

According to influencer data analysis site Nox Influencer, the Blackpink channel earns more than 2 billion won in advertising revenue per video.

BLACKPINK, which announced their comeback with the pre-release of “Pink Venom” on the 19th of last month, has increased the number of YouTube subscribers by more than 2.4 million in the last month. It is estimated that the video uploaded during the same period made at least 2.4 billion won in profit.

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