“Isn’t that really too much… ” Fans of ‘aespa’ who endured, eventually stood up

The reason why 'aespa' fans say it's hard...

Fans of the group’Aespa’ have complained about their 2022 activities.

Fans’ complaints are piling up in light of their approaching the group’s second anniversary. 

On the 16th, an online community posted an article titled “aespa wrapped up their activities with only four music shows in 2022.”

Specifically, the article said, “While aespa is marking their second debut anniversary tomorrow (17th), the group has only been on music shows four times with their comeback ‘Girls’, plus one b-side song, “Illusion”, performed on stage and a music room stage. Fans were upset because there was no difference”.

In contrast, the album sales were not at all terrible. Their second mini-album “Girls” recorded more than 1 million copies in its first week and performed quite well in Japan without an official group debut in the country. What fans were not happy about was “there is no news of the year-end stage yet.”

This is not the first time fans complain about aespa’s lack of domestic activities.

Aespa returned with the 2nd mini album ‘Girls’ on July 8th. On music shows, they appeared only once each on M Countdown, Music Core, Music Bank, and Inkigayo. Less than other groups usually do activities for 2-3 weeks.

Internet users stated their dissatisfaction with this continued “lost domestic activities”, “Is it a mystical strategy?” “Isn’t it necessary to promote the song?” and “Show me the stage often.”

Other netizens who read the post also said, “It’s amazing that this kind of activity is so popular.”, “Fans will be hard too,” “no self,” “Records are selling well, so pay more attention,” and “Even if it’s a comeback in a year, please do more music shows,” etc.

aespa is a girl group under SM Entertainment that debuted in November 2020, releasing mega hits since their debut to the present, starting with “Black Mamba” to “Next Level”, “Savage” and “Girls”.

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