“Isn’t it Song Hye Kyo?” A photo posted by a famous singer, netizens reacted outrageously

Singer with pure beauty...

Singer Lee Hi showed off her innocent beauty, reminiscent of actress Song Hye Kyo.

On the 4th, Lee Hi posted several photos on her Instagram, saying, “Lee Hi is excited after receiving earrings as a gift from a friend.”

In the published photo, Lee Hi is wearing a blue cardigan and holding a wine glass. Her white skin and bright smile catch the eye. Lee Hi added, “The thing in the glass tastes like soda and grapes,” and made everyone laugh.

Singer Lee Hi / Lee Hi’s Instagram

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “I thought it was Song Hye-kyo,” “She is a god who makes carbonated drinks into wine,” “She is so pretty when she smiles,” “I can feel her beautiful charisma,” “I will eat grape-flavored soda instead of wine today,” etc.

In 2011, Lee Hi participated in the SBS audition program “K-Pop Star” and became runner-up, making her name known. After that, she signed an exclusive contract with his agency, YG Entertainment, and received great love for “HOLO,” “BREATHE,” and “NO ONE.” She is currently active in AOMG, founded by rapper Jay Park.

Recently, Lee Hi released the ninth song, “We’ll shine brighter than any other stars,” of the Disney+ romance music drama “Soundtrack #1.”

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