“Is LE SSERAFIM Cursed or Are They Just Unlucky?” — Korean Netizens Discuss The Past and Current Situation of LE SSERAFIM!

LE SSERAFIM really has no luck...

A Korean netizen recently uploaded a post, expressing, “I don’t know if I should say they’re unlucky, but something always happens when LE SSERAFIM is promoting.”

The netizen then pointed out LE SSERAFIM’s debut was clouded with alleged bullying controversies, their controversial first music show win, the car accident that postponed their first week of promotions for “Antifragile,” and the recent Itaewon crushing tragedy that had music shows halting their schedules as part of South Korea’s national mourning period.

The post quickly earned attention from fellow netizens:

– Bang Sihyuk seems to be unlucky with girl groups

– They have another member. It’s karma.

– LE SSERAFIM really has no luck

– Stop worrying about idols

– This has been happening since Source Music disbanded GFRIEND

– Don’t drag GFRIEND into this

– If it wasn’t for HYBE, they wouldn’t have debuted in the first place

– Is LE SSERAFIM cursed or are they just really unlucky?

– It’s a shame because the kids are really talented

– Unlucky? They debuted at a big agency, got really famous, and they’re doing good in the music charts. They are crazy lucky.

– Don’t worry. They’re antifragile.


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