Is aespa’s Giselle Being Discriminated? — A Netizen Compiles Incidents of Alleged Unfair Treatment Toward The aespa Member

A Netizen Compiles Incidents of Alleged Unfair Treatment Toward The aespa Member...

“I think there’s a member discrimination going on?” A Korean netizen says as they share a compilation of images related to aespa.





Korean netizens comment over the compilation:

– Even if she’s not a popular member, it’s not polite. Fans will be really upset

– What can we do if it’s just not working out.

– Even if I am a company, I would like to put only Winter Karina’s face on the front page… ..

– It’s cruel, but it’s true.. The company doesn’t want it, and there’s nothing we can do about it,, ㅠ

– The advertising company doesn’t want her. What else can we do?

– If you look at it, it’s not posted by the agency itself. It’s all done by the advertising company

– Advertisers don’t just pick pretty faces. Oh My Girl’s Seunghee and Momoland’s JooE also filmed solo commercials, and JooE even had a pretty good response.

– Giselle fans, just live and don’t be ignorant

– That’s right, honestly, from the advertising company’s point of view, isn’t there any reason to put all four people the same? People’s attention and interest are the number one consideration, but the advertising company is not a fan club. Why should it be like this?

– The advertising industry is originally cold…. It is a place where the advertising model immediately goes down when there is some controversy.

– From an advertising company’s point of view, the purchasing power of the fans is more important than the star. Even within the same group, the firepower is so different, would you have wanted to pay for Gisele’s share?

– I heard that Giselle wasn’t able to take a picture with the product because she was sick that day. I don’t know.

– I think the advertising company wants to set up kids who can make money

– They were signed as a group, not as individuals. It’s still wrong.

– I’m curious about how she debuted in the first place

– The company made a wise decision

– Unfair treatment? Didn’t she get in through connections?

– Wasn’t that last one directed by BoA?

– Giselle’s skills have improved already.

– Fact: If SM discriminated against Giselle, there will be no advertisement

– It’s SM’s fault that the reporter thought Giselle was an ordinary person

– Giselle should just be grateful of the money that her members are bringing in.

– I hope that Giselle will soon become tired of the idol life and decide to study instead.

– Your comments make me sick. Cruel people.

– Advertisers invest less if they can’t get advertising effectiveness.

– Capitalism is so cold

– The more fans publicize such things, the more difficult it seems to be Giselle… .

– If this is the case, why did SM make her debut in the first place?

– SM won’t invest in a member just to cast her aside. Something’s fishy.


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