Irene from Red Velvet stole our breaths 8 times while wearing a backless outfit

Irene is beautiful from all angles....

Red Velvet‘s Irene doesn’t wear backless outfits often, but when she does, she never fails to leave ReVeluvs breathless, and these eight looks are proof. And while we would love for her to wear more backless outfits, we don’t know if we could handle it. Not that she isn’t blindingly beautiful all the time,

1. “Monster”

The juxtaposition of red and black gives Irene a terrible attraction; if we aren’t careful, we will be overwhelmed by her power.

2. 2017 KBS Song Festival

This award event was memorable for several reasons, one of which was Irene’s stunning beauty.

3. SBS 2018 Super Concert In Taipei

Flirtatious Irene has us all wrapped around her finger.

4. 2019 Soribada Best K-Music Awards


No one has a better side profile than Irene.


5. “Power Up”

@Princess white/weheartit

Wasn’t “Power Up” a cute summer concept? Not that we’re complaining — Irene slays at all concepts.

@Princess white/weheartit

6. 2018 Soribada Best K-Music Awards

It isn’t an award event if Irene doesn’t appear and dazzle everyone with her stunning visuals.

7. Bali

Happy and relaxed Irene is the best Irene.

8. Miu Miu Ambassador

She’s a goddess. Or a queen. Or both.

Honestly, we’re ready for another open-back look. It’s okay, Irene. ReVeluvs will die happy.

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