‘I’m Solo’ 10th generation Ok-soon made a difficult decision after careful consideration (+reason)

'I'm Solo' 10th generation Ok-soon, after much deliberation......

Ok-soon (pseudonym) of the 10th cast of ‘I’m Solo’ confessed that she had surgery due to sagging her stomach.

‘I’m Solo’ 10th Oksoon Instagram

On the 10th, Ok-soon released a picture taken at the hospital and said, “Have you ever seen ‘Ok-soon pear’ as a related search term when you search for ’10th generation ok-soon’ in a search engine? You must have been curious,” she posted.

Then, “I guess I didn’t experience pregnancy and childbirth. After the bloated belly went out, the skin sagged and sagging. My skin is thinner and less elastic than other people,” she said.

Ok-soon confessed, “I tried exercising, but I thought, ‘I can’t help it,’ so I gave up, but I was a little embarrassed to say that a plastic surgeon contacted me after watching the broadcast.”

“Both of these procedures help reduce fat and increase elasticity,” he said.

Ok-soon visited a plastic surgeon for tummy tuck surgery in the published photo. Ok-soon, who became slimmer after the broadcast, draws attention.

Ok-soon appeared as Ok-soon in the 10th episode of ‘I’m Solo’ last month, and it is known that she is raising her 7-year-old son alone.

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