“I’m on the front lines” BTS Jin, suddenly left just one word to the fans today (13th)

"no. I'm at the forefront."...

Jin (real name Kim Seok-jin), a member of the group BTS, delivered the news about the military.

On the 13th, Jin communicated with fans at dawn through the fan community ‘Weverse’.

One fan asked Jin, “It’s your birthday next month. Are you excited?”

To this, Jin surprised the viewers by saying, “No.. I’m on the front line.” Here, the ‘frontline’ mentioned by Jin is presumed to mean that Jin, who is about to enlist in active duty, was assigned to a boot camp at the forefront.

On the 4th, Jin submitted a request for cancellation of enlistment to the Military Manpower Administration. While enlistment in active duty was confirmed at the same time as the postponement of enlistment was withdrawn, the specific date of Jin’s enlistment has not yet been revealed.

Meanwhile, Jin was the first BTS member to announce his enlistment plans. Born in 1992, he turned 31 this year in Korea.

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