“I wanted to repay you…” Park Ha-sun’s warm good deed was announced through SNS, and applause poured in

Donate supplies to orphanages that lack baby clothes...

Actress Park Ha-sun received a lot of applause for her good influence.

Park Ha-sun’s Instagram

Park Ha-sun posted a long sentence on her Instagram on the 6th, saying, “Thankfully, you sent me a lot of gifts when I was raising my first child.”

On this day, She wrote, “I happened to read an article about the shortage of clothes for girls at an orphanage called Seondeokwon.”

She continued, “It was time to clean up the children’s room, so I gave away some clothes and toys and thought about what else there would be.

In the meantime, Park Ha-sun revealed the items donated to the orphanage, such as clothes, diapers, and wipes.

Lastly, Park Ha-sun said, “I want the children to have a warm winter,” and added, “Please pay a lot of attention to the Seondeokwon Orphanage.”

When the news spread, netizens were moved and left comments of support.

Netizens responded to Park Ha-sun’s Instagram account with comments such as “Really the best. Ha-sun Park, who has a beautiful face and heart”, “The influence of goodness is so wonderful,” “It’s great. I support you”, “It’s great. The best”.

Meanwhile, Park Ha-sun married actress Ryu Soo-young in 2017, and they have one daughter.

She is currently appearing in SBS Power FM’s ‘Park Ha-sun’s Cinetown’ and MBN’s ‘As You Want,’ and is about to release the movie ‘First Child.’

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