“I missed you”… Lee Hanee, who became a mother, posted her first daily photos on social media after giving birth

Lee Hanee's recent photos posted on social media...

Actress Lee Hanee published her daily photos on social media for the first time since becoming a mother.

Actress Lee Hanee / Lee Hanee’s Instagram

Honey Lee posted a photo on her Instagram on the 27th with the phrase, “The season of a very short terrace.”

In the published photo, Honey Lee was seen visiting a cafe.

In the photo, Lee Hanee sat on the terrace, eating coffee and dessert. Her appearance as she poses for the camera with one hand on her chin attracts attention.

Dressed in a cozy knit, Lee Hanee also showed off her natural beauty with a face without makeup.

Fans cheered for her daily photos posted on social media for the first time since giving birth.

Honey Lee in full term before childbirth

Although the news was often transmitted to people around her, Lee Hanee stopped her social media activities for the last time on May 28 before giving birth. However, she posted on social media once the previous month, and it was a photo that she had posted to advertise a product.

Fans say, “Oh my God,” “How long has it been since you’ve been here? It’s been so long”, “You’re still pretty,” “Is your daughter growing up well?”, “Missing you,” “Your sister who is always unchanging,” “I’m doing well because I see your smile,” “It seems like you are there, so I am happier and friendlier! It has been a long time, and I miss you” “Why didn’t you show up? Thank you for showing me your pretty side” “What is it that you came back prettier?”

Lee Hanee married a non-celebrity husband last December and gave birth to a daughter in June this year.

She is currently on her break, where she is devoted to parenting.

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