“I carried morning bread on my stomach… ” Lee Chan-hyuk and dating rumors ♥ A girl group member who exploded, a great photo has been released

A member of a girl group wears morning bread on her stomach....

The main character is Lee Sae-rom, a group fromis_9 member who has been rumored to be dating AKMU Lee Chan-hyuk.

Several photos of Lee Sae-rom taken at the fromis_9 solo concert stage held in late September and early October were uploaded to major online communities such as Thecoo and Instagram, attracting attention. In the photos, the state of Lee Sae-rom’s ‘abs,’ as vivid as morning bread, was captured, surprising the viewers.

Lee Sae-rom / YouTube ‘Kim Jong-kook GYM JONG KOOK’
Lee Sae-rom’s Instagram

Lee Sae-rom, who boasted of the muscles firmly established in her abdomen, is said to be a natural muscle spoon (muscle + gold spoon). In May, she appeared on the YouTube channel run by Kim Jong-guk and showed the side of an athletic idol to her heart’s content. The owner of a toned body, Lee Sae-rom, is known to have worked as a fitting model before his debut.

AKMU Lee Chan-hyuk / News 1
Fromis_9’s Lee Sae-rom

Meanwhile, Lee Sae-rom and Lee Chan-hyuk were caught up in dating rumors on the 19th. Suspicions have been raised regarding dating rumors and dating rumors. Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Sae-rom’s agencies, YG Entertainment and Pledis Entertainment, have not taken any position in this regard. (Go to related article)

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