Hyeon-gyu and the real couple ♥ Ha-eun, who became a couple, were interested in the necklace she always wore

'Transferring Romance 2' Ha-eun's necklace...

While Ha-eun and Hyeon-gyu became the final couple in ‘Transit Love 2’, the necklace that Ha-eun wore throughout the broadcast also caught the attention of netizens.

Teabing ‘Transit Love 2’

The final episode of ‘Transit Love 2’ was released at 7 pm on the 28th. Hae-eun’s final choice was Hyun-gyu, who was put in as a catfish, instead of Kyu-min, who is an X.

After Hae-eun’s choice, netizens confirmed that Hae-eun had removed the necklace she always wore in her final selection.

The necklace that Hae-eun wore was a gift from Kyu-min 4 years ago, and during the filming period of three weeks, Hae-eun said, “Kyu-min gave it to me as a birthday present. 25? She is 26 years old. She used to do it like a tattoo. She will continue to do so. She will never take it off,” she said.

However, in the final selection, Hae-eun took off the necklace that Kyu-min gave her and said, “I don’t know Hyun-gyu, but I think it’s right to remove it because it has a meaning to me.”

Netizens who saw Haeun’s choice commented, “It’s a perfect day for seven years of love” and “I hope everyone is happy.”

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