Her cheeks fit… Girls’Generation members who seem to have lost more weight after quarantine

Celebrities diagnosed with COVID-19...

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon updated her current situation after the corona quarantine.

On the 22nd, Taeyeon posted several photos on her Instagram. In her photo, Taeyeon takes a selfie of herself in her car with her headset on.

What caught our attention in this photo was Taeyeon’s half-face. She seemed to have lost a lot of weight, perhaps because of COVID-19, revealing a sharp jawline that was unrecognizable.

Netizens commented, “Sister… (short-mouthed) Go to Haetnim’s house and live there for a month…”, “Is your body much better?”, “

I think she’s too skinny these days. I’m upset ㅠ” he worried about Taeyeon.

Previously, on the 14th, the agency SM Entertainment announced, Taeyeon has been diagnosed with COVID-19.”

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