Have an affair with Kim Tae-hee? Rain and pro golfers ‘infidelity rumors’ spread rapidly… heat up quickly

Rain's affair rumors recently surfaced...

Singer Rain drew his sword in the recent rumors of an affair.

The Hankook Ilbo reported on the 6th that Rain Company, Rain’s agency, is preparing to take legal action against malicious rumors that have no substance.

An official told the media, “I didn’t want to respond. I thought it wasn’t worth talking to.”

Currently, in various online communities, the false fact that Rain is having an affair with professional golfer A is spreading. In particular, as the actual name of the person who is guessed to be Mr. A is spreading, malicious comments are pouring down on his Instagram.

This is a rumor that arose when a magazine recently reported a so-called ‘Chirashi’ that a married man, a top star, has a beautiful wife and is in a relationship with a professional golfer. The media explained that the two met at a golf tournament and had an affair despite the significant age difference and the pro golfer was an acquaintance with the wife of a married top star.

In response, the agency is preparing to take legal action quickly, emphasizing that it is groundless.

Meanwhile, Rain and Kim Tae-hee reported to the police in February a woman in her 40s who came to their house and stalked the doorbell several times. The woman writing as a current offender was eventually sent to the prosecution on the 30th of last month.

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