Han So Hee showed off her degenerative beauty with determination and even revealed her pubic bone tattoo

Han So-hee, who showed off her unique visual + atmosphere...

Actress Han So Hee captivated her netizens with her uplifting looks.

Han So-hee / Han So-hee’s Instagram

Han So-hee is communicating with fans by posting several photos and videos without a special comment on her Instagram recently.

In the published photo, Han So-hee is wearing a cropped T-shirt that reveals her belly and shows off her slim body. In particular, the tattoo engraved on the pubic bone was slightly revealed, drawing attention.

In a photo taken at a fashion brand event in Paris, Han So-Hee showed off smokey makeup in a black dress. The chic yet s.e.x.y atmosphere and deep eyes stand out.

In the video that followed, Han So-Hee was seen walking on a rainy street in a black coat. Han So-hee’s unique atmosphere and radiant smile, which make even an ordinary appearance into a scene in a movie, are admirable.

Netizens reacted hotly to this, such as “It’s really pretty,”  “It’s not a joke of decadence,”  “The king of visuals,”  “Han So-hee’s aura is so good,”  and “I thought all traces of tattoos were gone.”

Meanwhile, Han So-hee is currently in the midst of filming the Netflix original “Gyeongseong Creature.” Set in Gyeongseong in 1945, “Gyeongseong Creature” is a thriller about the appearance of a monster that shook Gyeongseong and the stories of those who struggle with people who are more monstrous than monsters.

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