Han So Hee surprises fans with unexpected piercing

Han So Hwee surprised fans with an unexpected piercing....

The actress Han So Hee received a lot of attention when she arrived at Incheon International Airport in a foreign-made car worth hundreds of millions of won.

On September 30, the actress was spotted at the airport with an unexpected piercing before leaving for ‘Paris Fashion Week’. All photographers were on Han So Hwee as soon as she arrived at Incheon Airport in a Mercedes Maybach.

According to videos uploaded to YouTube channels such as “News 1 Celebrity TV” and “PICKCON,” when an expensive vehicle appeared at the departure hall, the reporters’ eyes were focused on one place.

This isn’t the first time Han So Hwee got notice for an edgy look as she’s known to have had a lot of tattoos in the past.

Han So-hee, who stepped out of the back seat, waved her long, straight hair and extended a warm hand to the reporters. Her unique white skin and intense eyes drew admiration.

As the wind swept over her bangs, something flashing over her eyes was caught on camera. It was a brow piercing.

Han So-hee, who previously drew attention with her lip piercing, revealed her personality with her eyebrow piercing this time.

The unusual fashion sense of wearing a loose jumper over a cropped T-shirt that closely adheres to the body also drew attention.

When this image was shared with online communities such as Theqoo, netizens commented, “You’re pretty.” “I think you’re an idol,” “You’re a confident idol center,” “Sohee suits everything.” Did you put silver on it?” and “It really suits this kind of thing. I’m envious,” “the world is hip.”

Han So-Hee has recently been cast in Netflix’s new original series “Gyeongseong Creature.” “Gyeongseong Creature” is scheduled to be released in 2023.

The following is a picture of Han So-Hee appearing at Incheon International Airport.

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